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Welcome to the world of Over the Air (OTA) with products from a company that has been around for 6 decades that's 60 years in business. We are extremely proud to be a distributor of Channel Master and also Winegard. Channel Master Antennas (Ariel's) are a world class product and now with the change from VHF to UHF and a digital picture DTV more and more people are enjoying free major local network programming in either crystal clear digital TV or HDTV!

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What our customers have to say?

We have had 100's of emails and feedback from many customers we cannot possibly add them all but here a few of the most recent ones!

My wife and I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank-you to you and your installer, for all your help and fantastic service in getting us set up with our new HD antenna. We ended up going with a DB8 over the 4221 as you suggested and could not be happier Ė 26 channels of crystal-clear HD for free!!

We cut cable 10 years ago and have been living with a set-top antenna and 12-16 channels of varying quality, so this is exactly what we were looking for. The friendly, comfortable service you provided in carefully explaining the different antennas and their pros and cons was great and the installation was a picture of professionalism Ė and on Victoria Day to boot, only 4 days after visiting your store!

Based on our install, I now have several colleagues and neighbours interested in going OTA Ė you can be sure I am recommending you to everyone who asks.

Thanks once again, and all the best!


I am getting more channels with my new C2 antenna then with my
previous dual bay, folding cheap clone one. Not only am I getting more channels
then before, the colour is now vibrant, and looks wonderful! Truth be
told, I am getting all the stations listed on your website. I have
attached a picture on my install. You should see that I have a three
story home, and it looks so very clean then before.

Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your
recommendation for the C2. It's almost near perfect!


Wil Q (Milton, Ontario)

To Whom It May Concern,

After a lot of research and thought, I wanted to dive into the world of OTA. After finding your website and happily noting that I could come to your store in Mississauga, I just picked up and installed an Antennas Direct C1 in our condo in Mississauga. We are located just west of Mavis on Dundas and our unit faces south and west. We have an unobstructed view of downtown Toronto and the lake. Based on your advice, and after a couple of minutes of tweaking, I aimed the antenna toward Buffalo and tuned in the following digital channels on our Samsung LN52A650:

2-1 WGRZ-HD (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
2-2 WGRZ-US (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
2-3 WGRZ-RT (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
4-1 WIVB-HD (signal 8/10)
5-1 CBLT-DT (signal jumps between 7 and 10/10)
7-1 WKBW-HD (signal 10/10)
9-1 CFTO HD (signal 7/10)
11-1 CHCH-DT (signal jumps between 3 and 4/10)
17-1 WNED-HD (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
17-3 WNED-TH (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
23-1 WNLO-HD (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
26-1 WNYB-SD (signal jumps between 1 and 2/10)
26-2 WNYB-HD (signal jumps between 1 and 2/10)
29-1 WUTV-HD (signal jumps between 7 and 8/10)
36-1 CTS HD (signal jumps between 3 and 4/10)
41-1 CIII-DT (signal jumps between 7 and 8/10)
44-1 OMNI 2 (signal jumps between 8 and 10/10)
49-1 WNYO-HD (signal 8/10)
51-1 ION (signal jumps between 3 and 4/10)
51-2 qubo (signal jumps between 3 and 5/10)
51-3 IONLife (signal jumps between 3 and 5/10)
57-1 City HD (signal 5/10)
64-1 OMNI 1 (signal 10/10)
66-1 CKXT-DT (signal 5/10)

We are very happy with the performance and the look of the antenna as it is unobtrusive (sits on the window sill) and generally looks good. Thanks for the great advice. It is great to have HD again as it lets us enjoy watching tv on this beautiful set, most importantly because it is free. Now, once the Rogers contract is over, so will our bills for cable!!!


Hello to everyone at Save and Replay. I am in Brantford, Ontario. I was in to the store on Saturday
and purchased some equipment for upgrading my antenna system from The
Mini State system which I had, to The DB8 antenna with a rotor and a
Channel master 7777 preamp. The installation went pretty well today and
we are pleased with the results. This afternoon we were watching
(without dropout) stations from Erie and Buffalo which on the MiniState
system were unable to watch until usually late in the evening. And you
were absolutely right, I am able to receive, all the VHF channels I used
to get before without problem... in fact better. Signals are good and
strong. I promised I would send along some photos of the install so they
are attached. Thanks very much for your advise and help. I will
definitely recommend Save and Play to my friends. Thanks again.

Frank. (Brantford, Ontario)

Hey there,

 I just purchased the channel master from you today at about 10:30 am
 this morning.

 Thanks for the advice, I raced home and installed the antenna in my
 south facing window on the 9th floor of my condo.

 I ran a scan and my Sony Bravia picked up 24 digital channels.
 That's right 24 channels!!!

 I'm so excited. I went from 2 channels with my previous antenna to 24 in a matter of minutes.

 Thanks so much for your patience and advice.

 I will telling my friends and work colleagues to contact you.

 Thanks again for everything.

 Leroy (Mississauga, Ontario)

I recently had a DB 8 antenna installed at my home by you guys. (April14th 2010) The technician that came to my home was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the process and required equipment, many thanks. ( His recommendation for the DB 8 instead of the 4221 HD was perfect) Since the set up of the antenna I am enjoying my 20 FREE HIGH DEFINITION 1080 p channels so much more. Previously I was with ROGERS, even with the cable box my channels did not look as good as they do presently.

I just saw a friendly football match on CBC, a warm up before the World Cup 2010 and it was a thing of beauty... The picture was so crisp and clear it was amazing. I am  currently counting down the days till  World Cup 2010 begins, my view of the games will be the best ever in my own home!!!  I have already recommended your company to some friends.

Thank you again for the excellent product and service.

Nadia (Toronto, Ontario)

I am very pleased with the results from my new antenna.  You sold me a C1C antenna yesterday.  Iím located at Yonge and Sheppard on the 21st floor facing south with a clear view of the lake however a tower with 3 floors above my unit about 80 yards away blocks my direct view of downtown.  I tried the antenna in various locations including inside and outside, with and without the optional reflector (granted not clamped to a metal pole) with it making little noticeable difference.  Peak performance seems to be with the antenna sitting unobtrusively on my desk directly in front of the middle of a window.  Iím very impressed with the Buffalo and Toronto channels.

Again I am very pleased.  This is nothing like the reception I had as a kid in rural Ontario with our rotor equipped tower.  I get all the channels I want with beautiful digital picture and digital sound.  Itís great.  Iím already looking forward to the 2011 Superbowl with proper US commercials.

Now if only Rogers didnít penalize me with an additional month of charges now that Iíve cancelled my cable TV.   There were many frustrations with Rogers but the long delay in the converter box for the channel guide and the between channel changes actually discouraged channel surfing Ė I found myself not bothering to turn on my TV just to avoid the annoyance.  With the antenna: the long delay is gone.

Thank you

Neil (North York, Toronto, Ontario)

I was in last weekend and bought a Winegard Square Shooter. I'm in a condo 7th floor facing NW, I was hoping to receive signals bouncing off the other condo buildings north of me but found my best result was actually pointing the antenna towards Buffalo going through the rest of the building. I have a Hauppauge HVR-1600 in a mythbox and for some reason the signal strength doesn't work so I have to watch the channel to gauge how well it is being received, and makes pointing difficult. I am facing North west and still getting over 20 digital channels and is much better than my previous indoor or homemade antenna.

Thanks again,
Tony. (Mississauga, Ontario)
My name is John from the Bradford Manor a boarding house in Bradford Ontario, we were paying cable bills of over $200 a month for 25 residents in a home for the mentally challenged in Bradford, Ontario. The cable company earlier this year in 2009 increased the price to over $800 a month without notice and demanded us to pay! I would like to thank the cable company for doing this and actually sent them a thank you card for forcing me to look for another alternative. I would also like to thank you guys at SaveAndReplay for a great job and freeing me from this monthly bills. We now watch TV using over the air and get an unbelievable picture quality and with all the money i have saved we also pay for one monthly satellite subscription in the common Lounge area for specialty channels. Now my residents have the best of both worlds and we are saving $1000's a year! Thanks again for such a great job!

John (Bradford, Ontario)

I don't know if you remember me, but I was the guy who lives in the 17th floor condo facing directly South-East..Well, I had no trouble installing my Channel Master 4220HD and am enjoying my free HD! Here's a few pics of how I installed my antenna and some shots of the quality: I am getting all the channels that are possible listed on your website.

Thanks again!
- Sheldon (Toronto, Ontario)

This is Eva from Toronto. You have installed the OTA antenna at my home few weeks ago.

Just to let you know that everything is working beautifully. I am getting all the channels from Toronto (100 % of the time) and the American ones 2.1, 4.1, 7.1 and 49.1 - 99% of the time, channel 17.1 disappeared only once - for a very short period of time - when we had a storm. This is OK with me. I'm very, very happy. I just cancelled my Star Choice satellite for good!

I also read the article about you at today's Toronto Star. You are a star! Congratulations!

Wish you and your lovely wife all the best in your private life as well as in your business venture. And big thank you again.


Purchased a Channel Master 4228HD antenna and a Channel Master 7000 analogue to digital converter.
We live at Erin Mills and 403 in Mississauga on high ground.  Mounted antenna on an existing chimney mount mast at 150 degrees (SSE).  Using an S video connection to TV. Receiving Channels 24 digital channels now Picture quality is great. We have 2 further TV's with analogue tuners - what would be the best way of connecting the antenna to them?

Dear saveandreplay people (I guess I never got your names),

This is to update you on our results with two CM4221s in Oakville.
Together they work MUCH better than one antenna with a preamp.  I'm
convinced this is the right solution for us now.

We're getting nearly all BUF and TO (and Hamilton) channels with the two
antennas at just about 90 deg. to each other, on the same mast separated
by about 3'.  I still may do a little tweaking of the positioning of the
BUF antenna, but that's all.  One coax from the roof feeds a CM
distribution amp to the TVs, very long cable runs, but good results

Thanks for all your help, and for having such a super store!

Pauline & Gerry (Oakville, Ontario)
Hello Saveandreplay!
I am the guy with a condo facing north in Toronto in my condo and all the towers are south of me, that has tried various antennas bought elsewhere then found you guys, i just wanted  to write and let you both know  that the Square Shooter is amazing exactly as you said its the best for multipath and dealing with signal bounces where other antennas could not!
I drilled holes into the balcony floor and mounted the antenna. Once this was done the ability to rotate, pan, slide and tilt made tuning into all channels possible!  Signal strength is quite amazing.
I played with the joiner and found it helped even more with a 8 bay channel master, but it wasn't worth keeping both on the balcony. I decided to go only with the Square shooter for now, we'll see how the weather affects the channels in the next couple of days,  but i don't think there will be any trouble, maybe just a few tweaks here and there.
Thanks again for your help and advice! :)
Kind regards,
Robert (Toronto, Ontario)
Thanks for all your help yesterday in choosing the right equipment to add to my system.  I am in Milton, and previously had just a DB-4 aimed at Buffalo, no pre-amp, and a Radio Shack amp in the basement.  Channel 29, 49, and 57 were weak with this set up, but all the rest of the channels listed at http://overtheair.saveandreplay.ca/OTA_Channels_Toronto_GTA.asp were strong.  Channel 29 was regularly out for hours at a time.  (BTW - My receiver is the CM 7000)

Here is my new setup - on top, I have the CM 4221HD aimed at Buffalo, and underneath a DB-4 aimed at the CN tower.  Theyíre offset by about 65 degrees.  Below I have the Winegard 7870 joiner, and then the CM Spartan pre-amp.  (the Radio Shack amp has been retired)

The results are great!  During last nightís weather change, channel 57 stayed rock solid at 100%, and channel 49 stayed in the 70+% range.  Even channel 29 came in during that time.   This morning, 49 is back at 100%, and even 29 is in the 70+% range.

Once again, thanks for all your help and advice!

Ed (Milton, Ontario)