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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Free To Air (FTA) channels?

Free to Air (FTA) channels are digital channels that are not encrypted by the service provider and require no subscription or monthly payment. They are provided free of charge by the provider and are perfectly legal to receive with an FTA receiver
, its like turning your radio and listening to music, its FREE TO AIR Music, what is in the air and not encrypted is where the birth of F.T.A (Free to air was born).

When you turn your radio on this is Free to Air , whatever is in the air and is not encrypted and is available totally Legally is how free to air became popular , many had the BUDs (Big Ugly dishes) for C Band, with a snowy picture back 7 years ago, now a much smaller 30 + Inch dish with a motor can give you the larger selection of HIGH quality digital reception that is as good as DVD and on top of it , its FREE! FREE TO AIR, you are breathing it just not necessarily viewing or listening to it. So there you have it this is FREE to AIR! Welcome to the world of FREE TO AIR television and radio and grabbing more of what we are breathing! Free to Air is also know as DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) and this is a standard used within satellite providers both Free to Air and Subscription based. This is the same standard of high quality broadcasts as Premium providers as it is for Free to Air! All you need is a Satellite Dish and a receiver to enjoy Free to air television.

 Where can I find out what channels are available free to air?

There are many free to air channels available in North America on satellites such as Galaxy 10R, AMC4, Telstar 5, AMC
3, etc. These channels are from the USA and from around the world. See http://www.saveandeplay.com/channels.asp for a complete listing of what is available, please note we have still not listed all the free to air and this list changes often.

FTA (Free to Air) is very popular for ethnic content for example to get RTP for Portuguese Programming on AMC 4, or for some Arabic or vietnamise channels to mention but a few, there is not much choice for English channels on Free to air, for good quality English channels and HD it is better to look at OTA or over the air antennas.

What size dish I need for the Free to air channels?

Satellite KU feeds can be picked up from an 18 inch dish or larger. 30 inch dish and up is recommended for Free to Air.

For the C-Band signal channels you will need a 6-10ft dish Old standard and C Band is becoming obsolete.

What is the best DVB / FTA (Free to Air Receiver) product for me?

If you want the easiest solution then you should consider a FTA receiver , its easier to upgrade and better than doing cards, its simple to do! Plus you have a receiver that runs like any other receiver not attached to computer just the TV!  If you are a geek and like to play with computers then only consider a DVB card this is for more technically minded people and much harder to setup, the receivers are a breeze and much easier!

If you are looking for a receiver which is the most common purchase we have then we have to say that the most popular receivers are the coolsat and viewsat just because of their guides and super fast channel changing, when comparing it to a pansat the pansat feels like a dinosaur. The coolsat has been the star of FTA as it is referred to as it has been out since the beginning of 2005 and has stood out as a marked leader in FTA with the first receiver to have such a revolutionary program guide from the beginning setting the standard for things to come and it has stood the test of time with support making it a true leader! Then came the viewsat with a newer chipset second to none support and more memory followed by sonicview

What is the best FTA receiver to purchase?

Receivers that we have dropped from our product Line

Ariza we no longer carry due to its cheap design , cheap remote and copying a pansat receiver, if you want a pansat then buy a genuine pansat its cheap enough.

ExtremeView Magnum we no longer carry due to its extremely high defective rate 1 in 8 and made in china and lack of warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Orasat we no longer carry we still have a handful in the clearance section, this was one that we have nothing to say bad about just lack of sales has forced us to discontinue this receiver, very nice picture quality and its made in Korea.

Coolsat we no longer carry this line of product as they moved their lines from Korea to China, and give no real warranty false claims of 5 years which involves a customer shipping back even a DOA (Dead on Arrival) unit back and waiting months not weeks to get a repaired unit back, and if they are very luck may work or most likely have the same issues with it and then get a bill! This is the best way to see a coolsat turn into coolscrap, we have shipped back many coolsats that we replaced for customers only to get back the same units months later with the same problems the ones that powered up and had say bad audio we sold for $20 as satellite finders to some of our dealers!


A very popular question we get in email and on the phones is about what channels you can get, legally and for free.  Click HERE to see a list of channels available if you live in the USA or Canada.  All of these channels are available with an FTA receiver and a 76cm or 90cm dish and rotor. if you want to receive some incredible (and free with no monthly bills) satellite TV.

What is a DISeQc switch and why would i need one?

A DISeQc switch is used to tie two or more dishes it looks like a cable splitter (see peoducts section for image) it allows you to put up to four different satellite dishes pointed to different satellites and allow only one cable to go back into your house to the receiver! When setting up your dvb receiver in the install menu you can let the receiver know you have a switch and which port each dish is connected to on the DiSEqC switch! When purchasing a receiver the manufacturer provide a free cheap diseqc switch, which is very poor quality, these switches are cheap and usually good enough most of the time, most common channel problems occur with cheap switches or conflict issues when running more than one receiver. It is worthwhile upgrading the free switch with either a weatherproof switch and its is very highly recommended to upgrade to an EMP 4 x 1 Diseqc switch the only weatherproof high quality diseqc that actually gives a warranty of 4 years and is made in Czechoslovakia in Europe.

What other Alternatives do i have to connect my receiver to more than one satellite

You can get a 33 inch dish and a motor and this way the as you change channels from one satellite to another the dish moves to the correct satellite, most newbies start with a regular 18 inch dish pointed to only one satellite and then go from there as this is the easiest way to start, this hobby is very very addictive and as people get comfortable with one dish and their Free to Air DVB receiver they then decide what to do next , usually one dish pointed to a good satellite gives them enough channels and some people never feel the need to be pointed to more satellites!

What channels can i get? what satellites can I point to?


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email by Clicking here

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