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Setting Up a Dish And Motor

How does a dish and Motor work?

A dish and motor setup needs at least a 27 inch dish we recommend at least a 33 inch dish and a H-H motor between the pole and the dish assembly. The motor is controlled with the small current that comes through the RG6 Coax cable to move the motor which moves your dish. The dish actually does not only go left and right, it goes in an arc or curve. The centre of the arc is the highest point. Back in the early 2000's setting up a dish and a motor was a harder task, now it has become far simpler with the invention of a new standard called USALS instead of using the old diseqc method. The idea of setting up a motor with USALS is to get the satellite that is nearest south to your geographical location. On a compass setting that is a 180 degrees. If you are within a few degrees off USALS still works pretty well. Once you find the nearest southwardly satellite then you set the motor up in the middle (Highest point in the ARC) set the receiver up on the dish menu settings to USALS and the motor will automatically move the dish between satellites for you.  

How do you find the nearest south satellite?

You need to find the satellite that is nearest to 180 degrees on a compass setting. You can do this by selecting the nearest city location to you on our satellite calculator page. to get a more accurate measure, if you don't find a city on the list that is close enough, you can go to maps.google.com and enter your street address and town and get the longitude and latitude of your location and type that into our satellite calculator page then check each satellite on the left until you find the one that is closet to 180 degrees, this is the satellite you need to aim at. For Example in Toronto Canada this satellite is GE5. 

The advantages of having a dish and a motor is you can get up to 60 satellites and if you attach an invacom LNB to the your dish you can receiver Linear, Universal and Standard Circular signals all from one high quality LNB. The disadvantage to a dish and a motor setup is it can only work using one receiver to one TV.

The other consideration is to only use a motor with metal gears for durability, the SG2100 Motor and the Stab motor made in Italy both have metal gears.