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Canadian Digital Transition

What is the Digital Transition and who does it effect?

Over the Air signals is the method people used to receive TV Signals before cable or satellite was even invented. The signals are sent from towers over vast distances and captured to your television using an Antenna as we call it in North America or Ariel as its referred to in Europe. These signals were analog and when signals were not optimum you would receive a snowy type picture. The transition to digital enables you to receive this signal in digital also know as DTV (Digital TV), the digital band is far superior to the old analog technology. With digital tv reception and an over the air antenna you will receive a digital picture and even HD which has little to no compression and a purer signal then even satellite or cable can currently offer you even in HD. That's right the picture quality is the cleanest and purest HD signal you will ever see. The transition to digital is mandatory in larger cities and based upon certain criteria made by the CRTC. The other reason for the digital transition is the assigning of the old VHF band to services like cellular on internet as we only have so much bandwidth in the air without causing conflicts in communications. The idea is to move TV signals off the VHF band into the superior UHF band for tv services enabling us to receive a digital signal. This effects people that use an over the air antenna as their primary source of tv for local basic networks coming from towers within Canada and the USA. On 31st August 2011 Canada will be shutting off the old VHF signal and broadcasting major networks in Digital only. This will effect all those that use an Ariel / Antenna, anyone with an older style tv that only has an NTSC tuner will need to either upgrade their TV with one that has the ATSC tuner or purchase a digital to analog converter box in order to still receive these very same channels in better quality. For some people that also received US channels before June 2009 you may have already upgraded your tv or purchased a converter box to continue watching US networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, PBD/ WNED, ION etc.

Who has been effected by the Digital Transition?

1000's of people every month in major cities like Toronto Area, Windsor, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary have switched back to the Ariel / Antenna for no monthly bills and glorious HD of all their basis Television Networks. For Example customers in the GTA (greater Toronto area) are receiving up to 27 digital and HD channels picking up channels from a combination of Toronto, Hamilton, And US towers. More and More people are feed up of paying so much for a monthly bill and getting the same shows with advertising. Now they are getting their basis networks without a monthly charge and experiencing the best quality picture then their subscribing next door neighbour that is paying for the best HD cable or satellite service. There is a percentage of people that have never paid for cable or satellite and have always used over the air signals, with the digital transition they are now watching HD in the best possible quality available. The trend for people buying antennas continues to grow at an alarming rate, from people that complete cut their monthly cable or satellite bll, to people that still use cable and satellite on a main television and over the air for other tv's. Most of the customers that take a blended approach report back to us and say watching CBC Hockey, or shows like dancing with the stars, Survivor, American idol, Big Brother or shows like CSI, are switching to the antenna as the picture is far far superior then their monthly subscription service in HD.

What has the Digital Transition done for us in Canada?

Now other areas like Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Barrie, Ottawa, Montreal as well as some smaller towns have towers near by then are broadcasting local network television in HD and will be fully digital by 31st August 2011. If you live fairly close to the US border then you can also receive channels from the US as they have gone fully digital since June 2009.

Many places will be following the digital transition and will be broadcasting channels in digital and even in HD by 31st August 2011, to see the changes that are happening in your local town and province click here


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