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Cloned Receivers

It is a very sad state of affairs and very dirty to find people have made cheap clones of major manufactured receivers, these clones are made in China unlike the original Viewsats, Sonicviews which are made in Korea. Back in the day people used to sell clone receivers for cheaper money like the pantec instead of the pansat, the cooltec instead of the coolsat. These were made in china again. When people made the pantec they sold it as a pantec that takes the same firmware as a pansat and is far cheaper. Nowadays people have taken it one step further they have copied the name, the box , the remote, manual and even batteries not to mention an exact copy of the receiver. It has come to the point where it is even so hard for us to tell the difference and the only sure way to tell is to open the receiver to see the main board and components which is a dead giveaway. People have even now got to the extent of even cloning the Cheita and EMP Centuari diseqc switches, currently a white box EMP switch is not original and a red box is an original EMP Diseqc switch with the 4 year warranty.

How can you ensure someone is not selling a clone?

Firstly check to see if they are an authorized dealer logo for the products they carry and it actually points to the website, we don't only have an authorized logo's like the ones listed below but we are directly listed on viewsat and sonicview under Canadian dealers so you can rest assured that the products are genuine.


Regardless of being an authorized dealer with a logo a dealer actually directly listed on ViewsatUSA and SonicviewUSA which we are shows we are direct buyers and have a long standing relationship with the manufacturers, and also check whether they deal with warranty directly with the dealer as we do for Viewsat for any defective units. If a dealer offers you all sales are final or warranty with manufacturer promises or even plug in check if it works and that's your warranty then be very weary of buying your next FTA Product from them. When buying an FTA receiver from any store or any dealer also ensure you get a proper receipt with proof of your purchase. No receipt and you cant even prove where you purchased your receiver and even worse you cannot send it back for RMA to the manufacturer without a receipt. When buying from a dollar store a product for one dollar you get a receipt for your transaction. Why should you pay hundreds of dollars for electronics and not even get a receipt. A cash transaction with no receipt should make you weary of who and what you are actually buying.

You can rest assured the we sell only genuine products that carry the best warranty in the industry and this has been the ultimate success story of SaveAndReplay and our thousands of regular customers. We have been in Business in FTA since 2003 , over 5 years and have been serving the FTA Community online as well as our retail store and have a solid reputation in the industry. We also only carry the current top sellers with companies that have been in business for the long term that care for the consumer and viewsat, sonicview and Channel Master have proven track records.